Disable right click menu item(s) on UD Form Customization


I am customizing a UD form. I want to disable ‘reset layouts to base’ option on right click menu. Is there a way to disable all or some items on right click?

UD Form


I think you want to keep “Reset Layouts to base”. When this form is customized, the “Base layouts” are for this customization, and not the form prior to customization.

With this menu option available, a user could return to the customization’s base layout, should they accidently move things around with a personalization.

And most of those shown wont appear unless you’re in Developer mode.

Thanks Calvin, but if I do Reset layout to base, it shows the default controls (key1, key2, etc., the left treeview panel) that I have made hidden in customization and I don’t want to show those.

@ckrusen. I think I now know how Reset Layouts to base works. After you do ‘reset layout’, the base controls do show. But once form is closed and opened again, it restores to the Customization layout.

Agree, need to keep “Reset Layouts to Base”.


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Its tricky on how this works. So tricky I have to try a couple of things each time I want to do it.

Open the customization (in developer mode) and set things how you want them. Then do a Save Layouts. This should set the base for this customization.

Now open the form while not in developer, if you personalize the form (move panes around, window sizes, change columns shown / order in grids, etc …), selecting Reset to Base, should undo the personalizations, but not the customization.