Disable Warning on New Attachments

We use base ERP10 Document Management to attach files to many records in Epicor 10.1.600.26. We use File System Document as the storage type, so Epicor copies the file from wherever the user has it to the network server folder. But every new attachment generates a warning that has to be clicked through. Is there any way to eliminate that warning?

The warning seems to originate directly in the client, as there is nothing at all in a trace when selecting New Attachment. The message occurs as soon as the Doc Type: combobox is changed from the default of blank to any of the Doc Types that we have assigned to a particular table, but then doesn’t recur when changing from one Doc Type to another Doc Type.

I made a customization on the New Attachment screen that sets the Doc Type: to one of the valid types on Form Load, but that just moved the warning message from when you change of the combobox to when you open the New Attachment form.

Any ideas on how to stop this bothersome message that user’s have to click through dozens of times each day?

Have you enabled the UI trace during this process to see if there are any parameters being passed? There may be a parameter on this method that you can change with a BPM to suppress it.

In 10.1.600 and newer there are 4 basic Attachment Types - Epicor references these as “Storage Types”:

  1. File System
  2. SharePoint
  3. DocStar
  4. Attachment Link

You get the error message you love so much when you select a Document Type that is associated with a Storage Type that is different from the Storage Type on the Currently selected Document Type (that is a mouthful). In you example above, you are selecting an actual Document Type. The Doc Type you are selecting is setup as a File System storage type but the default Doc Type (no Doc Type) will likely be configured as an Attachment Link storage type.

The Default Type is configured on the Company Maintenance UI, Attachment Sheet - bottom of the form. If you change that from Attachment Link to File System, you will no longer get the error message. I believe that you have to exit the Client and then log back on for the new default to become active.

Adding Attachments via the Attachment Management Dialog is fairly inefficient. I assume that your users are aware that they can do a Drag / Drop of the file to attach onto the appropriate node in the Tree in the UI. Further, you can configure the tree in the UI to show the Document Types valid for the Table views available in the tree. That is configured in Document Type Control where you specify the Table, the Document Type and then check the box for “Expose in tree”.

The included image shows the Sales Order Tree with 2 attachment type nodes (ignore the Doc Type names, they were already available on my DB) added to the OrderHed Table. By opening up the Attachment Node you will see nodes for any Document Types you have “Exposed” and by dragging and dropping the file you want to attach on to the appropriate node, the Document Type attachment property will automatically be assigned.



Thank you, Rich. That fixed it! I just needed to set the “Allow default document” checkbox at the bottom of Company Maint > Attachments, as you said. That is much easier than all the customization I was attempting on the New Attachment form.

And yes, at least some users do know that you can drag and drop attachments directly into the tree. And those users never saw the warning message that the New Attachment. That may be why this has been an open issue for almost a year, I never saw the message myself because I use the tree, not the New Attachment screen.