Disallow A Credit Card Type

Does anyone know of a way to not allow a specific credit card type? We started encountering the reported bug in E10 involving Discover Cards. Unfortunately the fix that was issued doesn’t apply to 10.2.300 and we won’t be on Kinetic for about another month. I would like to disable the ability for anyone to enter Discover Card for an order. There’s not a setting for doing that, and the only other means I can think of is a BPM. Before I go down that path I just wanted to see if anyone knew of another method.

I’m not sure BPMs can even look at the CC info as it should be encrypted. Who’s your processor? Can’t you ask them to deny any cards starting with the number 6?

I was thinking more along the lines of: “If Type = ‘Discover’ Then Blank out the value”

I hadn’t thought of contacting the processor. I’ll look into that.

Never tried it so do this is test, try to delete Discover in Credit Card Type Maintenance so it doesn’t show in the dropdown at all?

Can’t delete because we already have orders that reference that type, so Epicor wouldn’t allow it.

Figured, your idea on a BPM for OrderHed.CardType may work.