Disallow user from changing Routing checkbox in Inventory movement report

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I am trying to put the routing to Read-only so that user cannot disable or enable routing on their own. I used the Application Studio and was able to set the field to read-only and saved the layer BUT the screen does not exist in any Menu…so does anyone know how to set the layers over to overwrite the custom one?

To get the Print Inventory Movement Report Screen it will be Receipt Entry > Details > Overflow icon > Print Inventory Movement Report

There is Application Studio in here to make the changes but I have no idea how to set it. Usually I would go to Menu Maintennce and set at the Kinetic Custimzation field but this isn’t a Menu…anyone got any idea on this?

It’s kinda stupid what you have to do, buuuut you’ll need to deployed the report to the menu with your layer selected, create your own button in Receipt Entry, hide/delete the old button, replicate their event and call your added menu path.

That’s a bit too complex for me.

I figured out a simpler way for this instead. First I set a default report that all user can print. Then I set the routing that checks who is the user printing the report and if its certain user than it will print the alternate report.

For the alternate report I set the report to hidden so it won’t appear in the dropdown list at all so users can’t pick it. :laughing:

To add on a bit on why I needed this is basically down to not allowing User to view cost as only certain power users are allowed to print those reports with the cost fields.

And so far as I know there is no security for SSRS report listing to certain security groups so a workaround was needed to fulfill both groups that is allowed/not allowed to print cost report.

In this case the all users knows how to open the drop-down list so I needed a way to stop the users that do not have permission to view cost from printing the reports WITH the cost fields inside.

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This is a more generic problem outlined in a few Epicor Ideas. We currently don’t have the ability to mask other data types besides character fields, which would include costs. Masking would reduce a lot required customizations.

Allow character masking on all field types | Epicor Kinetic Ideas (aha.io)

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