Displaying 'PAID' on printed AR Invoice?

Thanks all. I expected to see InvcHead.OpenInvoice exposed on the Invoice Tracker or in the report XML, which is what threw me for a little bit.

(Epicor 9.05.702A, Windows 64-bit, Progress 32-bit)

Is there a built-in or relatively straightforward way to display on the crystal reports version of the AR Invoice Form whether or not the invoice has already been paid?


You can place 'PAID' graphic and overlay it on the body. Place a condition based on open status of invoice to show or not to show.
Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see where the status of an AR invoice is marked as closed. Can you point me to the relevant field?
I think Danial was talking about using this field:... InvcHead.OpenInvoice
I wonder if you want to look at InvcHead.InvoiceBal too?
Yes, Invchead.openinvoice. You can also use invchead.invoicebal but this invoice may not be posted and can be still be reversed.