Disposing of Objects - Widgets in BPMs - Do we need to dispose of anything?

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I am finishing up a customization on the UI that calls a UBAQ. The UBAQ then runs a function on the GetList post processing method. Inside the UI customization I am calling the UBAQ using a dynamic query adapter. I later dispose of that adapter in the UI customization. Additionally, the UBAQ has custom code widgets that use a for loop to call a function over and over until the for condition is met. The UBAQ custom code also uses a dynamic query adapter and I dispose of that adapter after the loop is ran.

My question to the group is… for my fuction that is being called by the UBAQ… do I need to do anything inside of that function to dispose of anything? The function uses invoke BO widgets with no custom code. Do I need to dispose of anything?

Thanks in advance for any tips or tricks.

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no, you should not need to dispose of anything as far as I know. C# will take care of cleaning house.

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If you use widgets only, then it is their responsibility to dispose of all things that should be disposed of.

You need disposed stuff explicitly only in custom code blocks.


Thanks Tim.

Thanks Sergey!