Disposition of Assemblies

We receive RMAs of assembled products, many times we can disassemble the components and dispose of them individually and return them into inventory. Is there a method in the RMA processing to “Break” the assembly into the components and dispose of them individually?

Not that I’m aware of Robert but it’s been requested for ten years now:

We should probably add it to the enhancement section and get some votes on it.

Thanks for the info Mark…

I’ve been at a few companies that wanted this too. What we ended up doing is using an Excel template and the return misc. material paste insert.

Basic process is to disposition the RMA to scrap, then do the return misc. material with a reason code of RMA salvage and put the RMA# in the reference field. To get the data for the Excel template, we just copy/paste materials from the original job if we have it - or the method. Then you have to delete off what you don’t want to return. It is clunky.

If you have something better please let me know.

We have another twist by us where we use phantoms in top levels and could take just the phantom back. If you explode it into components that really throws your inventory off since you have to take apart a unit to get at the component itself - talk about salvage!


Added to Feature Requests and Suggestions.

We end up creating a customization to salvage the material, so we will create an empty job base on the rma and then salvage the material using standard epicor against the new job(RMA job).