Distribute Infinite Load

Good morning,
I am looking at the classic form for resource group. When I look at the list view for resource groups, I see a bit field called Distribute Infinite Load. The Field Help, helpfully tells me that the checkbox distributes infinite load. Can anyone elaborate? What is the box for? Why would I use it or not? Why is it missing from the details tab. It seems I can only see this box in the list view. I am guessing it is a new field added for future use.
Thanks for your time!

Hmmm… got me curious, never noticed this field.

Anyway, I could not resist look at a few different databases (V8 thru E10)… where all these fields were set to zero Are any of your ResourceGroup.DistributeLoad fields = “true”?

For now assuming it’s for future use or… possibly only utilized by some “Advanced” module?

No, I don’t see any data in this field at all (even with a BAQ look).