Dlls on 10.2.200

Hi all!

This time I am migrating from Epicor 10.1.400 to 10.2.200 (not to 10.2.300 because it has many changes in the calls of the methods and it was released just when we were finishing the revisions of the external programs with the 10.2.200, it was to start the review again)

At this moment we only have one Dll that is called from a BPM, it uses these epicor dlls.


those that are in bold are those that I can not find the reference in the folder “C: \ Epicor \ ERP10.2 Client \ Client”

Does anyone know where I can find the new dlls that replace these?

for example the one that contains the namespace ErpContext

in your BPMS you should not be using Client DLLs… Those DLL’s you mention are server side DLLs

there is the link from topic when im making the dll… maybe this guide u a little more

Those DLL’s are on the server in the Assembly folder

Excelent! i found them! ty!

ony 1 left… Epicor.System

That’s in the Bin folder… in the same directory structure.

excelent! ty, now im begin the test on dll! but i think everyall will be ok

Which is the downside of using DLLs for customizations. At your next upgrade, you may want to investigate whether you can leverage the REST functionality which is more resilient to breakage. Don’t get me wrong, eventually we will see changes in the the REST signatures too but it will be far less than you’re seeing with DLLs.

Ok thanks for advice! :slight_smile: