DMR Auto Close when Accept or Reject

99% of the time, the DMR is being Rejected. We have utilized a
couple of the checkboxes to send global alerts to such groups like
Procurement. So when the QA Manager Rejects, it sends an alert to
Procurement to begin negotiation with Supplier for return and pricing
of the Debit Memo. Once everything is in order, Procurement checks
the flag for Request Debit Memo (filling in negotiated qty and price)
which sends a Global Alert to AP to process the Debit Memo.

The issue this creates is the QA Manager will forget sometimes to re-
open the DMR. Because it auto-closes, it falls off the radar. Then
the financial period is closed and now you are screwed with getting
the $'s (DMR Write-Off and the offset from the Debit Memo) to land in
the proper period because you have to re-open and process the debit
memo now in a different period.

Why did Epicor program this bloody thing to Auto-Close when I Reject
or Accept?

Oh...I know...I could wrap a BPM around this darn thing to get it to

Do anyone else have the same issue? What did you do to correct (let
me guess...BPM)?

TIA for suggestions.
Patty Buechler
UV Color