DMR Costs vs. WIP Inventory

We're on Vantage 5.1 and have needed to make some rather significant
adjustments to our WIP inventory on the Balance Sheet ever since we
checked the "Move costs to DMR" flag. Is anyone aware of this being an

It appears that when a part is transacted into and back out of DMR, the
WIP costs of those parts in WIP inventory on the Balance Sheet Sheet are
doubled. When the job closes, it rectifies itself. If that is correct,
then what is the remedy? a) do not move parts into DMR (we know that
works) b) uncheck the "Move costs to DMR" flag c) leave it alone and do
a G/L transaction to overcome it (as we do right now) d) something else.

If this is a recognized problem, do any of the new versions of Vantage
overcome it? Any insight would be much appreciated!


Todd Gilbert

Altair Technologies, Inc.


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