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CR How to truncate a memo field

Memo fields and Crystal:

In Crystal versions 8.5 and lower, it is not possible to use a field of over 254 characters in a formula. There are many fields in the 6.0 and 6.1 applications that are 1000 characters, including the SalesRepList
There is a way to truncate these fields. Truncating them (reducing the size) will make them available for formulas using Crystal Reports and ODBC. This is how you do it:

1. Go through Explore to the mapped drive:\Mfgsys60\vista.mfg or vantage.mfg file.
2. Right mouse click on it and choose Copy, then move the cursor to a blank area in the
same location, right mouse click and choose paste.
3. Right mouse click on the copy you just made and choose Edit.
4. Change the the file as follows:
OtherParameters=-rand 2 -q -basekey ini -rx
5. Save the file and double click on it. This will bring up the procedure editor.
6. Go to Tools/Data Dictionary
7. Click on the fields icon to list the fields.
8. Hilight the table and character field you need to truncate.
9. Click on Field Properties.
10). Highlight the field to modify, and click on Options->Sql Field Properties->Adjust Field Width. Change the Field width. (If you wish to use the field in a formula in Crystal, 254 is the limit of characters allowed)
NOTE:Changing any other values in this screen is done at your own risk and will not be supported except on a billable basis.
11. Click Save
12. Click Database/Exit, answer yes to commit the changes to the database.

You will now be able to use these fields in a Crystal report when you connect to the database using ODBC.


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