I have come across a problem with creating debit memo's on some DMR's and am
wondering if anyone knows what I can do to fix it or get around it. We are
on Vantage version 3.00.632. Here it goes: if any item, in the part master
or not, is DMR'd from a job all the debit memo request buttons and toggles
are greyed out, therefore not allowing one to be created. I've found that
doing a negative issue against the job, or a return to stock as we call it,
and then doing the DMR from stock I can access the debit memo request. Also
if the non-inventory, but-to-the-job items come into inspection and are
rejected from inspection, I can access the debit memo request. But once a
non-inventory part is accepted from inspection and therefore issued to the
job, it's a problem rejecting it because we are not able to create that
debit memo.

Any input would be appreciated.


Suzanne Willems
Inventory Manager
Milford Enterprises, Inc.