DMT Apply cash issue

when i try to load a DMT for cashhead i get the error in the picture below i went to template because i thuoght i missed a field and there is no field related to check amount so i look for a description of the field that said something about check description and i found that DspTranAmt is the amount for check i added to my DMT csv and i still get the error

That’s odd because this error happens when DocTranAmt is 0, and based on your screenshot it is populated.

Maybe a bug in DMT, what version are you using?

Epicor DMT 10.2.600.15

Have you used this same template before or is it the first time?

I’m not familiar with DMT so I don’t really know what could be wrong, just thinking out loud in case it is something with the template.

I’ll see if I can find something on my side.

this is the first time

attached is the CSV

BBT_head.csv (13.7 KB)

I learned a couple of things playing with DMT, the column order is very important and the required column list is only the bare minimum.

Add column ReceiptCurrencyCode before any amount, so that amounts are correctly entered.

i found the issue i need to use the template cash combined