DMT Command Line for WorkBench BOM

I’m trying to run the DMT from command line and I can import PART information using the “-IMPORT=‘part’” switch without issues. But now I want to import directly to the Engineering Workbench the BOM I can’t figure out the “=IMPORT-?” switch correctly.
When I’m directly in DMT and select Engineering -> BOM, I select my BOM and it works, so I know the CSV file is in the correct format, just need the table name for the “-IMPORT=” switch.

I think that I have found it “Bill Of Materials” so the switch is -Import=“Bill Of Materials”
I found this when I was in the DMT directly and read the Complete Log and it showed .
Import: Bill Of Materials
Started: 8/1/2017 9:05:22 PM

When the table name has spaces you have to use double quotes.
I’m speculating that this might be your issue.
Here’s what I had to do on a different table:

Notice the character that is `

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You might want to consider doing this in PowerShell instead of command line, there are more examples of this being used in that environment available from Epicor Support.

What @estm8ben is recommending is using the backtick as an escape character for the quotes, but the backtick is for PowerShell, not command line. For command line I think the escape character is a backslash.
But since the Powershell is the intended cmd replacement and it’s much more powerful, you may want to develop anything new in Powershell.
At Insights I lead a session on DMT Powershell step by step and I posted the slide deck, Epicor code examples and the session code examples on my blog: