DMT Contact

Does anyone know a contact in DMT department? I have been trying to get help from my CAM and project manager for weeks and with nothing so far. I just need to speak with someone who works with DMT and see if it is possible to get something fixed by this weekend?

@ahsalloum It would be a fairly tall order to get something changed in DMT by the weekend. Another approach would be to make a bpm that ran behind the DMT process to convert data during the import.

What is it you are trying to accomplish?

We have thousands of AR Write Off and Adjustments that need to be done daily. DMT made us a customer extension that we can do those in mass. I tried testing that in the DMT for E10 and the extension file won’t work on E10. We go live with E10 this weekend.

Maybe @Edge can point you in the right direction.

Thank you

@Edge can you please help me out? Anything that can be done would be greatly appreciated.

Hi - I think you got though to someone already based on an email I saw but if not reach out