DMT Delete

Getting an error Method (EcoopDtlBeforeDelete) Table ECOOpDTL This is a Primary Operation Detail. Deletion not allowed. So, what am I doing wrong? I need to delete this operation.

Can you delete it from within the application?

@aidacra No, it says it is referenced by at least one material. Guess, I am a little slow, because this is an operation, all operations are attached to something. So, not following.

Material are related to operations. This tells the system a lot of things, but basically when that material is used. (dates, when to backflush etc) by default, if there is an operation defined, then any added materials will be attached to the first operation. You can adjust this as necessary. If a material is related to an operation, then that operation cannot be removed from the method. You have to un-relate the material, or relate it to a different operation