DMT error after loading Patch 32 for 10.2.200

Been using DMT fine on, upgraded a test environment to patch 32. Ensured DMT files and license are in place. When DMT is launched for the environment we are getting the below error -

Login Error

Error : The current company CPI001 is not licensed for DMT. Check your license or change companies in the main application with this user before retrying

Anyone else experienced this or have a solution.


If you don’t have recently issued license from Epicor where they include the DMT license in it as a Module, then you will need to drop the .lic for your older DMT versions into your client folder. That seemed to work fo’ me.

That worked, will speak to Epicor about getting a new license.


Yup just hit up your CAM for an updated copy of it that includes the DMT license wrapped in and you should be good to go without the client folder .lic fuss