DMT error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

I am trying to load a PO receipt into DMT via the PO Receipt Combined template. I keep getting the “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” when processing. What could be wrong?

It says 10250, which is the value in column 2, so PackSlip might not exist? But then again this is receiving where you make up any name you want. The next item I would question is the VendorNumVendorID.

Perhaps it should be JAEXPRESS (2 S) instead of JAEXPRES ? (Perhaps not since its 8 chars max)

the PackSlip does not exist, I want to create it

When you receive something, to my knowledge you must specify a PONum.

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In Epicor I can do a receipt w/o a POnum

Well looks like I have no experienced with the “Combined” DMT Templates.

However a previous user said when he saw this error, it was because a PurchasePoint was required?

Looks like what I was missing was having the Purchase Point present. Thanks for the help!

@ckrusen has more exp with Combined DMT Templates, let’s see if he can chime in.

I’m not a fan of combined DMT’s but understand they have their place.

To trouble shoot this, I would see if you can do it as separate (non-combined) DMT’s.

If trying just the PO Receipt Head fails, then its something in that part of the Combined DMT data.

Also - I’ve seen that most people using Combined DMT’s will specify a 0 for fields that are usually automatically populated (like RcvDtl#PackLine), and only set it to a specific value when updating an existing record.

Setting PackLine to 0 - same result

Try unchecking the “Update” option. Maybe its finding other Rcpt’s for Vendor JAEXPRES with PO number 0, and trying to alter those. I doubt this (as the PackSlip field is a key), but worth a try.

If that doesn’t work, try just creating the PO Receipt Header.

Ran the PO Receipt Header and it worked fine. The PO Receipt Combined also creates (ort starts creating the record) in Epicor but no lines… So something is going right, but what’s missing?

Does PO Receipt Detail work, now that the Receipt Head has been created?

What happens if you try the Combined one, but without any of the optional “Receipt Detail” fields?

PO Combined works w/o any of the detail fields

Try adding the columns:


to your combined file, setting those equal to their conterparts that don’t have the Rcv# prefix

same Obj Ref not set to instance of an Obj error

We generally see this if a key item in the file can’t be found in a table. For example, when we load labor, if we put an employee ID in that does not yet exist, we’ve see this unhelpful error. So look at the foreign keys that receiving needs in the detail records and make sure they exist in their associated tables.

how cold I find which foreign keys are needed?

They are usually “Like” fields. Look at a receipt done through the interface and look at your RcvDtl records and make sure all of the fields are covered.

was thinking if the ‘required’ fields in the template are there all is well??

@MeToo2 - While it does seem correct that a PO is not required to do a Receipt in the UI, I can’t imagine a scenario where you would want to do this.

PO Receipt uses the price on the PO for costing, and setting up the type of Part Tran to make (PUR-STK, -UKN, -MTL, etc…) how will the system know what to do with the material and its costs?

How do you ever expect to get the Receipt paid with no PO?

If you just want to get the item into inventory, do a Qty Adjustment.

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