DMT Error - Purchase Requisition

Hello all,

I am trying to create a Purchase Requisition using DMT. I first tried the “Requisition Combined” option but it gave the following error:

ReqNum 0 Table:ReqHead Msg: User ID is required.

I have used the template builder and only used minimal required amount of fields but the error continued. Then I tried to only create the header but same error. With the “Requisition Header” option I included the ReqNum, RequestorID, ShipName fields and have used valid data for these fields. But the error remains the same and I am getting lost. I am using DMT for other processes without any problem, I have disabled all Method Directives for the Requisition, I have checked for UD fields but nothing seems to work.

Anyone that could give me a little hint to get this resolved?

I am running Epicor version 10.2.700


The error is telling you that there is another field required on your ReqHead upload. Just because it might not be listed as a “Required” field doesn’t mean it really isn’t required…

There is no “UserID” field in the ReqHead table, but there IS a “ReqUserID” field. See what values are in that field in your query, and then add it to your DMT to see if that solves the problem.

Thanks Ernie for the suggestion. I have enabled all fields in the upload and added a valid user id in all fields where possible. I also created header myself in Epicor and used exact same values as in the tracelog. Still it complains that the User ID is required.

I have found the problem using the trace option in DMT. The RequestorID field is not being transferred and is empty even though it is filled in correctly. I have added a Pre-Method Directive on the Req-Update process to fill in this field and now it is working fine. I will raise this bug with Epicor.

Great job!

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