DMT - Generate PCID with Contents


I’m wondering if anyone else has come across this and, if so, willing to share your expertise. What we’re trying to do is use DMT to do an initial load of stock into epicor and that stock should be in PCIDs.
For this, is the process:

  1. Create the Part Lots with DMT
  2. Add the quantity using Quantity Adjustment DMT (associating the lots where applicable)
  3. Generate the number of PCID’s required through epicor application (doesn’t seem any way to do this through DMT)
  4. Add the quantity to PCIDs using PCID Build/Split/Merge DMT

The questions I have are:
A) There is no way to add generate and add PCID’s with contents?
B) There is no way to generate the PCID through DMT?
C) Much of our stock is Lot Controlled. Is there no way to add part with lot details in one DMT?

Any help appreciated on this one.