DMT Manual ABC

I am trying to make a DMT for unchecking the Manual ABC Checkbox in Part Maintenance>Part>Sites>Warehouse>Cycle Count.

I have all the necessary fields but I am coming up with an error telling me that it can’t find the Part Warehouse. I am at a loss on this one

Any help would be appreciated.

It looks like Plant is blank.

This is it. Warehouses/Bins are tied to plants/sites and your plant column is blank. So DMT doesn’t know which plant your warehouses are associated to.

Plant is blank because there is no plant in the part warehouse template

I am using part warehouse since it has Manual ABC in the template

:confused: Are you sure?

i would write a quick baq on the table to see what is there.

I can’t tell if you are joking??? Even though it’s not in the table, it’s still required for the DMT.

I meant a query on the plant table.

I guess we are simple as we only have one plant.

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The Part Warehouse Table has the info I need but doesn’t have Plant info available.
The Plant & Plant warehouse have the info also, but it doesn’t have Manual ABC which is what I want to change.
So I have to go with the Part Warehouse Template. In my csv file I could fill in the Plant info.
I also have only one Plant.
In my BAQ I have combined Part Warehouse and Plant Warehouse to pull all the correct info but I don’t have the Manual ABC if I use the Plant Warehouse Template. I am assuming that I can’t combine two templates together.
I do believe I have tried filling in the Plant info into my csv file that I pull already and it didn’t work.
I am no expert on DMT but I have been able to get very simple done.

So try your file again with the plant filled in. if you only have one it’s probably MfgSys. Make sure you get the case right. Post a screen shot of the errors.

That’s correct. But the templates don’t always only include one table. Sometimes it can bridge more than one. It seems like it should only be one, but it might not. So as long as the info is correct, it doesn’t really matter which table you pulled it from.


DMT file


Make sure you check your case. The fields are case sensitive. And make sure you are using the Warehouse ID, not the description.

I redid everything and it worked. Seems like my main problem was that my BAQ was pulling part numbers that weren’t in Part Maintenance. I was testing with about 10 part numbers and they failed. When I ran a test with about 50 part numbers I saw that some of them completed. Then I ran about 125 and it completed and made the change I wanted in Manual ABC. Then I ran what was left in my test DB and out of 2600 parts there were only 26 unknown part numbers. Thanks for all the help it pointed me in the correct direction.

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Were you pulling the BAQ data from production then running DMT against test? Classic mistake, it gets a lot of us!