DMT New Operation - adding two resources

My company wants me to add a pack operation after the last operation of Final Inspection.

When I DMT the operation, it is duplicating the resource - so the operation has 2 resources.

I have checked the resource group and operation and there is only one resource assigned.

Has anyone have this experience?

If you manually add a Operation does it doe the same thing? I hope you are using a test environment to test this.

Yes - I am doing this in test. When I manually add the Pack operation, it creates one resource.

what columns are you using in your DMT? What DMT (process) menu are you selecting for the update? (sorry don’t know correct terminology on that one)

This is what I have used in past.

Can you just add the operation directly via the method - rather than using the import tool? Or, edit the job?

How many parts do you have to update?

May also be worth checking the OprSeq to ensure you’re not duplicating the last Operation that already exists.

There are 500 BOM’s and about 200 jobs.

I unchecked the Update button in the DMT - so it would have bounced back that the operation already existed.

I took the last operation and added 10 for the new sequence.

I started my test with only 1 record.

Can you show your sample upload information?

Found the problem. The Operation was setup with a resource group and a resource. Thank you for all the help.