DMT New Quote SalesKit Lines

Anyone have a better way to DMT new kits to a quote and pull the kit component lines?

There has got to be a better way but our current best method is to DMT the new parent lines without setting a quantity. DMT Template columns are: Company, QuoteLine, QuoteNum, Partnum

Then have the user either user update the Expected Qty & DocUnitPrice (if not a price list item). The user can either use Paste/Update or do it line-by-line.

Does suppling a Qty and Price in the DMT file cause issues?

Are you using the Quote Detail or Quote Combined? Is there an option to set Qty breaks in the Combined?

Quote Detail, we don’t do Qty breaks. Setting the Qty orphans the parent parts.

Good idea, I’ll have to try the Quote Combined to see if it’ll trigger the BO that pulls the kit component lines.

Well … Everyone uses Qty breaks on Quotes. It just so happens that you have just one break qty

My thought was that if the Qty Break existed (even just one), then the Expected Qty would have something to multiple against.

LOL true we have a qty break of 1. :wink:

Quote Detail uses the QuoteQty# fields. The QTY can be set but it will NOT pull in the kit components. Leaving the QTY at zero then doing the paste/update triggers the BO that pulls the components. I have yet to find a DMT that’ll do it though.