DMT Powershell help

I have an interface utilizing DMT from PowerShell.

1.) Is there some kind “Bit” return value that could be checked that DMT was 100% successful importing all records or not ? I would want to return a success/failure to the end-user by checking this rather than checking to see if an Error log file was generated.

2.) Is it possible to make DMT process ALL or NONE records (if just one row failed)? For example, if I have a Group of Invoices and just one of the rows fails then I would like all records not to be imported.

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Good questions. I have wondered the same thing.

I don’t think so. DMT is just calling the BOs as if it came from the UI and I don’t know a way in the UI to start a transaction and then end one after multiple entries.

I would be happy with an environment variable that returned the number of successful and unsuccessful record counts instead of a bit.

Hi Tom,

We run a PowerShell nightly that scans a folder for correctly named pdfs for attachment to serial number records and if any exist, DMT upload of the Attachment data is done and the pdf is moved to our attachment file repository. We send the Log files to user to review for success.

If there are any errors in the DMT, an error log is generated. It seems very feasible to instead check the folder after DMT run for a “Your DMT file name Here”.csv.Errors.Reprocess.csv file and then email user about that.



Right. That is what I am already doing – checking to see if that “Errors” CSV file exist and send an email that DMT had failed. I was hoping for a better way to do that with some kind of return value from DMT, but if not then that is ok.

If I do see an “Errors” CSV, then I guess I could re-run the DELET DMT version to remove the records that were successfully imported.

There does seem to be some workarounds to what I am trying to achieve. Just thought I would ask the folks here on this forum.