DMT QuoteQty Table

Hey gang!

Curious, has anyone successfully used DMT to populate a field on the QuoteQty table? I’m trying to update DocUnitPrice on 100~ quotes due to an oversight in our Prod Cfr.

I’ve used the Quote Detail DMT and created multiple templates already. I’ve added all the required fields and everything validates. After the first couple failed attempts, I threw in more fields for giggles to see if it helps and it doesn’t. DMT doesn’t process any of the records and it throws an error for each record daying "Column ‘QuoteQty#WQUnitPrice’ does not belong to table.’.

Anyhoo… just curious if anyone has climbed this mountain before and if so… how’d ya get to the peak? :man_shrugging:

Thanks in advance!


With DMT, I usually find that the fewer the fields, the better the chance of success.

When Updating records, you usually only need the key fields and the ones you’re updating.


Also, DMT Template for that field refers to “Worksheet Quoted Unit Price”. Do these quotes have MOM details?

Or did the configurator just make a PartNum, and the actual MOM will be loaded from the configurator when the Job is made?

Thanks. No MOM via Configurator; just the part. UBAQ is equally painful. SQL it is! hahaha I guess this is just one of those things that won’t work.

Looking at the Grid for the Quote Qty’s shows a hidden column WQUnitPrice


There is no field with that name in the QuoteQty table.

When I enable that column (renamed it WQ Unit Price) and move it to the Left side of the grid, I see that it changes after DocUnitPrice changes.


I tried adding a column QuoteQty#WQUnitPrice to the DMT file. It “validates” ok, but gives an odd error:

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Thanks for trying on your end. I’ve given up on QuoteQty DMT. haha I will do a UBAQ. Thanks again.