DMT - Remove Job From Schedule and Unengineer


Good morning,
I have a list of open jobs that are being scheduled. For various reasons they should not be scheduled. I believe the way to fix this is to use Job Entry to unengineer and unrelease the job, then remove it from the schedule with the actions menu.

This seems to work fine for manual updates. However, I would like to do this task with the DMT. Which DMT template should I be using? I think I need to delete records from the JobProd table. What do you think? Have you done this in DMT before? How did it go?

Sorry, no answer never tried this with DMT,
Just curious …
Is the problem that un-releasing jobs isn’t enough because it will leave stale scheduling data in some table(s)?
Which results in some scheduling reports/BAQs not being accurate?
Why you must go the extra step to remove a job from the schedule?

FWIW I wouldn’t normally think of the JobProd table.
I’m pretty sure it just hold the demand info for jobs.

I think that I need to remove the job from the schedule to relieve any load that they may be applying. Maybe just unengineer/unrelease and then global scheduling will do that for me? Good thinking, Bruce!

Yes, running global scheduling after has “usually” cleaned some stale data issues for me.

Where scheduling data that persists after un-releasing/un-engineering some jobs. I wonder why Epicor doesn’t automatically remove the schedule when unreleased is “by design” or could be an oversight? Not sure why they want the old data hanging round?