DMT SYNC into ShipTo.TerritorySelect won't stick

Hey there,

I’m trying to DMT in a “SYNC” value into ShipTo.TerritorySelect where the records might have system select or lock (SYST/LOCK).

I get no error, but the old value remains, even if I change the sales person and territory in the same DMT.

Changing the value from the customer maintenance works just fine.

I ran a trace while changing the value in the customer maintenance, and the only field that comes up different in a compare is the TerritorySelect value (aside from change date, time, SysRev, etc.).


Any experience/advice?



This really confused me at first, too! Instead of updating the field TerritorySelect, try updating the field TerrSelectFlag. The value in the field would still be SYNC

Thanks, Lacey! Very timely, I had just started on a long DMT update on the ship-to table.