DMT Templates

Hi Everyone.

My company has just started testing on Epicor 10.4 with an installation date due for end of July this year. Our integrator is providing DMT templates for us to use, and in the header of each column they have added a note saying what is the field format etc.

Does anyone have a complete list for the headers anywhere, so we can make sense of them.

Many thanks

Welcome Chris!

In the DMT tool, once you select a business object to load, there is a “Template” button that will give you all the available fields and indicate which are required.

Mark W.

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@ChrisH @Mark_Wonsil is correct but I’ll add that not all of the templates accurately specify the required fields - I can’t think of the one off the top of my head but something like Inventory transactions require both the part# AND the part description but the template doesn’t specific that the description is necessary… there are a few of the templates that will give you a little trouble but they all work nicely to get you what you need to know. Also - pay attention to the format of the column - some things are numbers not text, and vice-versa. :slight_smile:

Good point @MikeGross. I’ve also found that some fields are conditionally required based on a licensed module (e.g. CRM) or features (Lot or Serial Tracked).