DMT to delete PackNum errors with "PackNum not found" from Ship Head Source

I am trying to delete PackNum with zero lines using DMT. But it errors out with “PackNum not found”. My column sequence is Company, PackNum, ShipDate, ShipViaCode, ShipStatus and CustomerCustID. Please help.

We ran into a similar issue where a PackID was shipped without any lines and requested a fix program (OF_Del_ShipHead and OF_Upd_ShipHead_ShipStatus) from Epicor to delete it.

One thing I’ve found with DMT (at least DMT for E10 versions), is that when deleting a record, you usually don’t need to supply all the “required” fields. Try just including Company and PackNum in the file.

If you are using Multi-site, it can be an issue with the fact that packers aren’t available from other sites. You have to “set” the site by launching the client (using the userID that DMT will use), and launch something from that site.

Thanks Calvin, as you mentioned about the use of Multi-site, I just added another column “Plant” and that worked for me. Thanks again!