DMT versus Updatable Dashboards

I use the DMT on a very regular basis. Some advantages I see:

1. All you need to setup updates is an excel spreadsheet that the tool can prepare for you, no need to design/deploy the BAQ (can use csv too)

2. I can schedule my updates for off hours, running them concurrently or sequentially - whatever fits for the particular situation (e.g. we update part families quite regularly, so I can split my part table update files up and run those concurrently; then have my part operations split to run concurrently but only after my part files have finished; then on to part material, etc.)

3. The DMT has logging where if some of the updates do error out you can pull up the errors, fix them in the file and resubmit just the errors.

4. The DMT is updated with the versions so you don't have to worry about fields being renamed and having to update your BAQs, just run a new template (e.g. OurReturnQty to ReturnQty...)

Jenn Lisser
Business Analyst

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Anyone running 9.05 that has the Data Maintenance Tool (DMT) also have any thoughts about the advantages/disadvantages between the two tools?