DocStar and DocSign

I am wondering if anybody is using DocStar with DocSign. Do you like it and what modules do you need to purchase to make this work. We would like to have our quotes, that the customer can electronically sign and return back to us.

@ESALONEK Our understanding is that the license in ECM really just gets you the integration library(DLL) installed and setup - and presents itself as a Task to be used in the workflow.

It pushes the document to Docusign, which is then in control of all communications/etc. with the intended signee, and once signed the doc is pushed back to ECM. Now, what I’m not sure about is how that last bit works, or if ECM checks for the signe4d document on an interval or something.

We’re looking to do the same thing with Quotes early next year - please let us all know how it goes if you proceed.

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I will let you know. We purchase the ECM and docusign. Just waiting for Epicor now to go over the steps involved to get it to work.


I would agree with Mike on this Ed as we have been using Docstar for a number of users and have talked about integrating with DocSign and the path that Mike said is how I understand it also.