DocStar Faxing

Does anyone know what software ECM uses to fax and how\ where to configure it?

I’ve never seen anything in ECM about faxing. Can you re-phrase the question?

I’m researching DocStar to replace DocLink. Within Doclink we have a process that will email or fax (RightFax) po’s to our suppliers. Im trying to figure out how that will work in DocStar.

I don’t recall much about doclink any more, but I assume the Rightfax process was some sort of file-drop/pick-up process that ran on a client or server and it would send it off. You would have to explain the technical side of the process more for me to know for sure and to be able to compare it to anything else.

You can email from a Docstar workflow though. Assuming RightFax accepts emails in the right format, you should be able to make that happen.

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As for replacing doclink with Docstar - we did exactly that and I like docstar much better. I’m sure there might be a newer version of doclink as well that I know nothing about, but we’re happy enough to remain ignorant about it :slight_smile:

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@dpenn We also replaced DocLink with DocStar, but had already stopped faxing POs in our previous ERP system. Advanced Print Routing is what replaced our emailing POs function of APM which is in Epicor and not related to ECM, except that the PO gets stored in ECM as part of the routing.

In a quick googling of RightFax it looks like it has an SMTP gateway. Using APR to “Email” all POs would be the simplest solution. If the vendor took emails then the email address is their inbound PO address. If they took faxes then it would the the fax number @ your RightFax smtp gateway that would handle the traffic. Either way to Epicor it is just an outbound email.


I could be completely wrong, but a little Googling revealed . . . RightFax is probably the 3rd party tool, OpenText RightFax.

I “touched” Doc-Link at another company I work for 12 years ago. Seemed like a good document mgmt. system at the time, but I wasn’t supporting it or even a heavy user.

I know nothing about faxing and dont want to miss anything, Thanks for the info.