Docstar Order automation

Hello all,

Anyone has implemented Docstar Sales order automation? We intend to implement such feature … was looking at external app…but learned that Epicor Docstar has such a tool!

Is it part of Epicor, or we need to purchase it seperatly? (we are on 10.2.300.11)

Any feedback about installation, usability etc… would be appreciated.



Good afternoon Pierre,

Was hoping that you had received feedback as we are also looking at a 3rd party software solution while also scoping out Epicor’s new functionality.

In doing the research, it works very similarly to other modules in that you purchase the Epicor module itself, user licensing and then annual maintenance fees are still required; in addition to this, there is a cost for each line item detail that flows through the (IDC) Intelligent Data Capture. In comparing this to other 3rd party solutions, it works almost identical.

It’s been difficult to compare it to other software as it’s new functionality to 10.2 so not a lot of users have implemented it just yet to discuss pro’s and con’s.



We have the AP side of it that we have implemented. It required the Docstar licensing, then AP Automation Licensing, Workflow License and finally Intelligent Data Capture license. So far we are happy with how it works. The worflow in docstar is slower than I would like and right now we have to submit multiple times for each stop point in the workflow. As I understand though at some point if everything is OK it can go right into the database.

Hi Pierre,

Did you implement Docstar Sales Automation? I am interested to know how it went as we are also in the process of doing the same. We are on cloud and there is a missing option “allow session impersonation” and we are stuck until this is resolved.