DocStar User Viewing Attachement - Help Needed

I’m currently working through a DocStar implementation and one of our end-users had a good question. After adding an attachment to a purchase req line how do I move/replicate it within PO suggestions for buyers to see without having to backtrack to DocStar?

@josecgomez have you done something similar in the past?

That’s a good question. Epicor doesn’t bring the attachment over from the req automatically?

We’ve not gotten to Purchase Req’s yet, but will soon, so this is a good thing to know. I suspect that a DS workflow could be created that could also link the DS attachment file to the PO as well - I’m just not sure yet on the order of events and how it could be triggered automatically. I suppose a BPM could also “duplicate the attachment” (add a record to the XFileAttach table) when the Req is used for a PO.

But the management of all of that could be tricky - what if the PO is later deleted, or altered to not include the item from the Req in question? And other stuff like that…