Document Associations and file attachments

I'm implementing 8.803.403D, and just started playing with the
document associations and attaching files to part records. While I
got that to work, and can attach a drawing on another server to the
part record, the 'View' and 'Print' buttons on the attachment screen
don't work as they should. Actually, 'Print' stays grayed out, and
'View' only works indirectly, requiring me to select the program to
open the file each and every time. [Yes, I do check the 'Always use
this program box' but it doesn't stick]. The same thing happens if I
click on the drawing file name in tree view. They're PDF files, and
I'm using the provided association info for the view and print commands.

While attaching drawings, I find that I have to kill and restart the
attachment screen for each new part. If I don't, the screen stays up
but the buttons won't work and I can't attach a file. Not very user
friendly, that, especially since I have several hundred parts to do.

Has anyone else encountered similar challenges? Ideas? Thanks!

Lynn Thomas