Document number is 215.1330

I have several changes that I would like to see implemented, this is one of
them. If you are interested in seeing this change, call support and
reference this document.
Thanks Nancy
I found an existing enhancement currently in the system for the one issue. I
have attached you call to this enhancement instead of creating a new one as
items get changed based on demand and this document has other calls already
attached to it. Your call makes the 3rd request. The document number is
215.1330. If you know any other customers who want this function have them
call support and we can attached them to the enhancement also.
Customer is concerned that employees can see production standards in Data
Collection. Would like to make a suggestion that he have the ability to
select a button that allows this to automatically be black out so that it
would not be visible in the Data Collection Work Queue. There should be an
option to disable the Production Standard because sometimes employees will
either use it as an excuse for underproduction, or as a target and therefore
not strive to improve run time.