Document Type Reserved for Specific Tables

Hi, we have just begun the implementation of AP Automation using ECM and I have an issue with the Document Type. We have a Document type called APInv and I was wanting to check off the “Reserved for Specific Tables” check box so this type only shows in AP invoice Entry and Tracker. For some reason when this is true we get an error in ECM saying the doctype is not found but as soon as we uncheck it things work fine. Has anyone experienced this before and how did you deal with it?

@rnewell I just looked at ours at it also it not specific. There is a corresponding security class in ECM that set their permissions. Our is set to all folders and it has domain users as having access. I have packing slips set to only allow RcvHead and it has no security set.

What it the message you are getting? Is it in a workflow? I can try to make mine specific this weekend when they are not processing any invoices.

Hi Greg, yes the error is in the workflow and it says “DocType APInv not found” If you could do a quick test this weekend that would be greatly appreciated. It rooks like maybe it’s something in the REST call.

We never found out why, but we do not check that box on any doctype.

After you checked off the Reserved checkbox, did you then select the tables the reserved document type uses within Document Type Control Maintenance?