Does anyone have a Bartender PCIDLABEL.BTW standard label

I could swear i saw a bartender PCID standard Label a while back "PCIDLabel.BTW?

I cannot find it now. I found a KB to download the other “standard” Bartender Labels - howver, i do not see the PCID.

Did i just make that up? :slight_smile:

Never mind - I now realize that i do not need a PCID label when the PCID is created. The PCID at that point is empty and the only info on the tag would be PCID, Warehouse, Bin.

I need a label the PCID is upated with part/Job/LotNum/Bin/Warehouse etc. So that is more of a material tag. I will print the tags from there instead of printing tags when the PCID is “created”.

Sorry for the bother.