"Downloading from database" every time

I often get the “Downloading from database” the first time a form is opened after launching the client.


It turns out that this happens whenever I’ve opened that form in another environment. In other words, my client does this “Downloading from database” if the form was used in a different App instance.

Is this normal? Or should I look into the settings - either on the App Server or in the Client Config?

@ckrusen - Calvin, we are having the same issue and I was just exploring some possible causes before I posted anything…

I’ve found that deleting the cache folder - not the Clear Client Cache Action item - but physically deleting the folder seems to mitigate the problem a little bit. I’ve also noticed that Windows UAC might be part of the problem. I’ve been making folks ‘local admin’ when I see that they have issues deleting the folder.

Origin of that thought regarding the cache folder - So we upgraded from 10.1.500 to 10.2.300 in March. Our process was to copy over our 10.2.300 folder behind the user’s back for simplicity (then we went along and deleted the 10.1.500 client later). I say this only because that process never removed/reset/emptied the cache folder. I know this based on dates of files still in the cache for objects not yet opened in 10.2.300. Some of my folks have been complaining about this for a few weeks and I’ve noticed it but never thought anything of it until I started looking. I’m not sure if a proper client install resets the cache folder or not (haven’t tested/noticed that in the past).

Something to think about, but I’m curious if anyone else is seeing it too.

We’re on 10.1.400.23, and I noticed the folder on my workstation only has a sub folder based on the company, not the App name


At first I thought MC was the name of our PROD environment. But it’s actually the company code (we’ve just one company). Our PROD environment is named MATCOR, and our TEST one is ‘MC-UAT’.

So when I run the client for the Test environment, it saves it’s files in the same location as does the PROD environment. Since the TEST environment is a copy of the PROD one this isn’t much of a problem. But I’m guessing that the source files on the App server have different date and time stamps for the different environments (based on when Regen Data Model was performed on each).

I was most interested in if there was some simple setting or configuration I missed, so that the files for each environment are kept separate on the client.

That sounds very possible. We do things a little differently in that I have another appserver for test, so i have two directories (at c:\programdata\epicor) for my two environments, so the timestamp issue doesn’t apply to me… but I can totally see where you are going with that idea.

Now the question is, why are we both seeing this, but with two different directory structures on our clients…

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