Drag and drop attachments/messages from Outlook to Epicor

So I’m attempting to make my own attachments code for a custom email function within Epicor. Its basically a gridview with drag and drop. I’ve got everything working but i’m using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook to recognize\handle the .msg files that are dragged from outlook.

Does anyone know another way to handle this or is this my only choice? The reason I ask is because this seems to require registering the interop .DLL to each client’s registry. If using that DLL is the only way, does anyone have a suggestion on deploying/registering it? I’m not entirely sure how Epicor handles this with its native attachments. Maybe there’s a way to use something already built into Epicor instead of the outlook DLL?


Epicor will natively allow you to drop messages from Outlook. You’ll need to setup a document type and make the storage type File System Document, then point this to a network location so other users can access the attachments.


Unfortunately, Epicor does not allow attachments in the form I need them in (Project Memos). That’s why I’m trying to create my own attachment system. I’m currently able to attach any type of file I want, but I am looking for an alternative solution to using the Microsoft DLL I’ve added to the assembly for handling the outlook .msg files.

You should be able to still use the same handler that Epicor uses for Outlook Emails you shouldn’t need to do any Outlook Specific Parsing… unless you are trying to extract info from the MSG file then I stand corrected


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