Drop Shipment to multiple ship-to

Have submitted this to Epicor, but in the meantime, am also asking here…

We are having trouble creating drop shipments when there are different ship-to locations. Screen shots attached, but here is the scenario:

PO has three lines:

  1. Line 1 is closed
  2. Line 2 is open and has one release, going to customer 1, ship-to 10
  3. Line 3 is open and has two releases:
    Release 1 is going to customer 1, ship-to 11
    Release 2 is going to customer 1, ship-to 12

We need to drop ship line 3, but when we go into drop shipments, only line 2 is available.

We can get around this by going into the PO and closing line 2. Then we can go back into drop shipments and we can ship line 3 release 1. And then we have to go back into the PO and re-open line 2.

This NOT an acceptable process.

How do we drop ship exactly the line/release that we want to?

And… if there is no way to do that when there are multiple ship-to locations on a PO, how do we force PO suggestions to create a new PO for each BTO sales order release?

Do you have separate Sales Order lines for each one or do you have them all on the same line with separate releases? I know there is an issue with having different drop shipment Ship To addresses when all on the same Sales Order line but different releases. If that is the way you order is set up, you may want to try separate Sales Order lines for each drop shipment.

Hi Beth.

Thanks for the response.

Nope. Four separate sales orders. 3 PO lines (1 rel, 1 rel, 2 rel).

Per Epicor support we cannot ship drop shipments out of order without going through the convoluted process we have.

Now trying to see if there is a way to force PO suggestions to create a new PO if there is a new ship to. Stay tuned…