DropShip Report Style

We are looking to create a Drop Shipment report that is basically the PackSlip report just for Drop Shipments. The initial thought was to create a BAQ report and copy over the RDL from our modified PacKSlip style. This way we can keep the formatting of the report and just update the dataset to get the correct data. The problem I am finding with this is that I cannot figure out how to change the data source of an RDL:


The other option would be to create a new RDD from scratch, but I am not sure how I would get the calculated fields into the RDD then.

Any advice is appreciated.

Mr. Ross: This sounds like a separate Report Style would be the best option. What is the reason for thinking BAQ Report? Are you thinking this report would include more than one Pack Slip?

I have never successfully copied a standard Epicor report and used it for a BAQ Report. I suppose if you allowed for the calculated fields it could be done (again I am guessing - never done it).


So the issue here is that we will need to take from the DropShipHead and etc tables rather than the ShipHead and etc tables. This is why I will need a BAQ or new RDD to create this report, but then I still am unsure of the best way to change the data source on the RDL unless I have to let Epicor generate the report and then recreate the RDL from scratch.

Mr. Ross: I must confess i have not used the DropShip Tables before.
It looks like they are tied to the Pack slip. Can’t you just add the DropShip Tables to the PackSlip RDD?


This is definitely a possibility as well. I was just hoping to keep a little less clutter in the RDD but if there are no better ideas this will likely what I have to do, thank you.