Dump and Load

I preformed a dump and load in my test database over the weekend. When it was done, several of the menu options were missing. I had to import the licenses and enable them.

This was not part of the instructions. I am curious if anybody else has done a dump and load and if this was an issue for you.

Probably 10 years since I performed a dump & load for a V8/Progress system.
I know I lost ODBC credentials e.g. sysprogress
but I’m pretty sure everything else worked at that time.

Do you know where I go to correct the ODBC settings? I’ve searched everywhere and no luck.

And, yes we did a dump and load and all worked well. Solved a serious issue with MRP getting stuck. But some ODBC reports are not working. I don’t know anything about these reports as they were designed by someone who left the company.