Duplicate lines in Crystal Reports

Usually when this type of error occurs when using the Part to PartBin, you
have the same part number in multiple bins. You are using the correct link.
Take one of the repeat parts and check to see if it is in multiple bins. If
this is your problem there are different things that you can do to group
similar parts.

Hope this helps,

Ted Kitch

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I'm a newbie to Vantage and to Crystal Reports, and to this eGroup, so
please be gentle...

I'm creating some wonderful reports in CR ver, but when I begin
linking a lot of tables together, I will occasionally get what seems to be
duplicate lines containing the same data. I am using Merant ODBC version
3.6, if that should make a difference.

Am I missing something pretty basic regarding SQL statements?

I've installed what I feel are all of the possible upgrades to CR, and
performed a registry hack that finally got CR to connect to the database on
our server.

I just feel there is something that I'm not doing or understanding

For instance, when I look in the Data Dictionary, under Table Relationships
for Part, it says there is a direct relationship to PartBin. It says the
Primary Index is "PartWhsBinDimLo". Heck if I know what that means! The
fields used in the Primary Index are "Company, PartNum, WarehouseCode,
BinNum, DimCode, LotNum". I would assume that that means I must use those
fields to link Part table to PartBin table, right? Well, as far as I can
tell, the table Part only has "Company" and "PartNum" in common with table

Do I need to link the table Part first to table PartDim, and then link table
PartDim to table PartBin?

Oy! Any guidance is greatly appreciated!




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