Duplicate Part Form Customization

I am trying to set up the Duplicate Part Action from the Part Form where it will display the initial value for the PartNum to be 1 greater than the Last PartNum.

I have this process working in the Part Form and I am able to create a Duplicate Part Form Customization. I get the value for the next PartNum to display through an EpiMessageBox.Show on the form when it launches. But cannot get the value to display in the Part Textbox.

Note this textbox has an embedded connection.

Any body have thoughts on this?

Just write a BPM on Part.DuplicatePart

That doesn’t seem to work as there is no business object activated until after the part is entered in the Duplicate Part for.

That is past the point of when it needs to be showing up on the form at the point of loading.

Just change the incoming part number .