Dymo label printers

When we implemented 904.506 last year. We had a problem with the top margin
on the Dymo. We decided it was cheaper to use a Zebra that we already owned
as opposed to the trial and error that Epicor recommended that we do in
order to solve the problem.




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I would like to know if anybody is using Dymo label printers for Receiving tags, ship labels, etc.

At my last job, it seemed we had a lot of trouble printing labels, finding right drivers, etc. with Zebra printers that were in the $800 range. Now I see Dymo printers for as little as $130. Could it be that these inexpensive printers work better?

If you are using Dymo printers, I would like to hear your experience - please provide model #.

Thanks in advance.

Randy Weber
Rayotek Scientific, Inc.