E10.1.400.17 - Poor Salesperson Workbench Peformance

We’re experiencing extremely slow performance with the Salesperson Workbench, so much so that almost every time it is freezing / locking up with the spinning wheel and we end up having to End Task the application. Is anyone else experiencing the same issues? any suggestions?



that thing still sucks? It was bad all the way back to V8… we just built a more streamlined version requiring the sales person to enter date parameters etc to trim down the excessive data. It flies now. All of that data is really straight forward BAQ stuff. You’ll write several and do some publish and subscribe in the dashboard. They bring in 90 tons of data when your only looking for two half the time.

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I can echo that. We rebuilt it from the ground up. I’m pretty sure that’s your only option.


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thanks guys, that was my thinking, just needed some confirmation

You can also customize it, remove all the tabs you don’t need, That will
help speed it up as well

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