E10.1 pcid

Is anyone using PCID ?
Is anyone familiar with PCID?

Wondering if PCID could help in this scenario:

Job on shop floor for 240 items - 240 Serial numbers assigned
As items completed on job, they are boxed in containers of 48 - Random Serial numbers in container

When it becomes time to ship, a release is created on a S/O for the shipment and then serial numbers assigned to shipment in Customer Shipment Entry.

Is it possible for PCID container to be created at time of receipt to inventory, that has the associated serial numbers tied to the container. When shipping, the container ID is selected in Customer Shipment Entry and it automagically pulls in the Serial Numbers?

I tried searching epicweb for documents on how PCID works, setup instructions, etc with no luck. The application Help is lacking useful info for me to be able do much of anything. :frowning:

let me know if anyone is able to help



We were going to implement PCID… After reading and attempting to implement it… We realized the Help Docs just cut-off (incomplete)… So Epicor said that PCID is not ready yet… You can do all the Setup Screens but using it in Production is still not possible.

The package control functionality isn’t completely implemented yet. For Epicor 10.1 only outbound order processing is intended to be delivered. That delivery will be sprinkled through the different 10.1 releases as well. I believe this reflects where 10.1.400 is at but it a few months old. I think the full implementation of all the inventory and production related hooks is slated for 10.2.

Outbound Order Processing:

  • Sales Order Pick
  • Sales Order Unpick
  • Picked Orders
  • Customer Shipment Standard Line Ship
  • Customer Shipment Mass Ship
  • Customer Shipment Pack Out
  • Stage Ship Confirm
    * Master Pack - TBD
    * Phantom Pack - TBD
    * Drop Shipment - TBD
    * Misc. Shipment - TBD
    * Bill of Lading Entry - TBD
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