E10 Adding a Note column to a Dashboard

Has anyone added a comment field to a dashboard to save notes by line?

I have a user that wants to make comments on his Dashboard (this is not an update-able one) for his own use. I perfer not to have to have a user defined field on an udate-able dashboard that needs to be updating a table.

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I think your options are are:

  1. Add a UD field to a table in the BAQ, and make it an updateble Dashboard. This would have the comment field as a row in the grid.
  2. Save the comments in a UD table, shown as a separate pane from the main dashboard table. Use values from the main grid as the keys to the UD table.

I was hoping to stay away from having to make it updatable and a UD field but looks like that may be my only options THanks

you can display values -on the fly- but you need a place “table/fields” to save them, if you want to update/recall them each time you run your dashboard datagrid

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Where’s a hack of an idea (probably harder than just adding a UD field and making a uBAQ and uDSHBD)

Add a field to the BAQ to display Memo’s related to the record. If they want to update the memo, launch the appropriate MemoEntry form.

For example, a memo added to an Order uses:


Then they could create the related memo, which your dashboard could show.


an added “feature” is that memos include the user’s id. So you could make it only show memos entered by the current user.

I like the idea of an updatable memo from a dashboard. I find the memo tables difficult to link to. I would like to explore this further because I want to do the same thing to the DMRHead table.